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HEALTH begins in MOUTH

The new
widespread disease

Periodontitis is a chronic, sometimes progressively progressive disease of the "surrounding" tissue. The dangerous: The patient often does not perceive the symptoms.

In periodontal disease, various bacterial groups have an easy game to destroy, gums, collagen fibers, root surface of the tooth, and jaw bone. Periodontosis promotes other diseases quite massively.

Early and professional action is mandatory.

Bacteria multiply

The bacteria sit deep in the gingiva, bacterial toxins and body carcinogens reproduce here optimally. Important for the patient is that the periodontal diseases such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, bronchitis, asthma, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases favors.

Causes of the disease are: Inadequate oral hygiene, genetic factors but also endogenous and exogenous stress, food allergies, intoxications and regular consumption of nicotine, alcohol and other drugs.

Parodontitis can only be brought to a standstill by a strict therapeutic line and a close-meshed recall during dental prophylaxis. 

6 steps to success



Professional tooth cleaning

Usually once in the quarter, but at least half-yearly to detect periodontosis early.



Periodontal status and PA indices is the task of the doctor - he later also controls the ongoing healing process.


Bacteriological screening

- Bacteriogram
- Aromatogram
- Interleukin gene test 


Holistic procedures

- Investigation of intestinal flora
- Food supplements
- Bioresonance Therapy
- exudation therapy by lymph drainage 


periodontal therapy

- Deep scaling with special instruments
- Laser sterilization
- ozone therapy / antibiotic therapy
- Hyaluronan therapy
- Filling smaller papillary defects
- Operative procedure using regenerative bone building techniques or gumplastics 



After-treatment with recall every 3 months

- Biofilm management
- Intestinal refatting 

A healthy oral cavity is the best anti-aging therapy!