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At the beginning is fun fun fun ...

Healthy teeth are cool! How cool are you? 

Promised !

Our young patients are always at the center of attention in a child-friendly, loving atmosphere. Modern procedures enable gentle, gentle treatments and make a visit to the dentist a positive experience. Dental health and prophylaxis can be fun.

Get there - make an appointment for a child's tooth cleaning with diagnistic.

Step 1

Light neat, clean teeth.
Playfully simply for a jointly coordinated therapy

Step 2

If you are something like a "welcome regular guest" - come regularly with her child. Why? No, not because we have nothing else to do. Whoever comes regularly, gets familiar with the practice, loses the fear, feels at home. And whoever comes regularly does not get much repairs - and that also takes the fear and creates lasting teeth - you have only one.

Step 3

Children's consultation hours

The practice is only open for children and their parents on Wednesdays from 2 pm onwards. Children's videos, music, games and a schnitzel-hunting through the practice are on the program. The practice becomes a nursery. 

I would like to be degassed

We remind you -
three times a year

Let us discuss a common precautionary plan

phone: +39 0472 201917

The tooth university

Prophylaxis and proper tooth brushing

Prophylaxis for the youngest - is not only the prevention of healthy teeth, but for a healthy body. In this area, we advise and advise you on the topics of nutritional advice, professional tooth cleaning, fissure sealing and oral hygiene.

Especially with hygiene, we are often asked: What toothpaste is good? Do you really need dental floss in children? Are all toothbrushes the same? We advise you gladly, because the answer iost for each child individual - and so you do not have to find it hard to find the right product for your child, we help with the order.