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Our goal is always to treat gently and minimally invasively.

In some cases, however, a surgical procedure is indispensable to remove inflammatory heart or displaced teeth from the jaw.

These operations take place under partial or complete anesthesia. 

Surgical interventions

These include the root tip resection and the operative removal of displaced teeth, residual inflammations, cysts or other growths in the mollusk.


Implants are designed to replace missing teeth. They can be called artificial roots. Both the replacement of individual teeth, bridges or the increase of a prosthesis support are possible through implants in the mollusk.

Implantated dentures require special care in planning and execution. It requires a proven and certified additional qualification of the dental prosthesis. 

Quality of implants

Good and scientifically proven implant types have a better price in the world market than inexperienced cheap materials from the Far East. However, they guarantee a longer service life and a much better grip. Patients receive a guarantee for long-term success with quality products. Before a treatment, the patient must therefore take responsibility himself and think carefully about the material which can be inserted into the jaw bone.

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Titanium implants

   With over 20 years of experience, most of the clinical trials are available here. Titanium implants are available in a variety of lengths, diameters and shapes.

It is now known that the twisting of the implants allows titanium particles to be released which can interfere with the human balance and the organism.

Therefore, we recommend performing a titanium stimulation test before treatment. 

Ceramic implants

For almost 10 years on the market ceramic implants have been less tested than those made of titanium. Ceramic implants of the latest generation promise fantastic compatibility from the soft tissue behavior and homoeopathic tests.

Ceramic implants require greater operative abilities and have a longer healing phase. They must be completely protected from the effects of force in the first few weeks after the operation. Implants of this type guarantee excellent gum aesthetics and do not cause gray gingival edges.

However, they are available in a smaller range and may only be implanted in confirmed bone ratios. 

bone formation

If the bone bed is not sufficient in height or width for implants, a bone structure with own or synthetic material must be used. This can practice only a few doctors.

Bone buildup in the molar area is particularly necessary. Here, the maxillary sinus is opened and the bone structure is performed. This requires a special qualification and is usually not carried out by dentists and oral surgeons.