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The body in line

Learn from the balance of nature

Biological dentistry

Not everyone can take this path for themselves - but all those who are looking for your biological balance will demand more from your doctor than classical school medicine. Some call it "holistic dentistry", we call it "biological dentistry". What this means: go with us a way to more health, balance and vitality to old age.

The 3 step plan

Step 1

The analyst: We create facts

In the first step and before a personal and co-ordinated therapy is a comprehensive diagnostic package. Biological dentistry requires sound facts and evaluations. Which includes:

* An analysis of the tooth heart

* A test for material incompatibilities

* An examination of acquired metallic loads

* A 3-D X-ray evaluation

* A test of the organ meridians, whether a previous treatment for organ stabilization is necessary

Step 2

The treatment plan. We go through it.

In the second step we create an individual treatment plan for you. The goal is to minimize physical suffering and avoid it in the future. Bioenergetic tests and special laboratory tests of blood, stool and saliva help in this. The results from this are included in the therapeutic plan for a biological balance.

Step 3

The therapy. We go to it.

Step three: concrete, supporting measures. These include the removal of interfering herd, incompatible metal or plastic in a particularly safe protective atmosphere, so that no metal particles can enter the saliva. A test for particularly tolerated foods or a targeted body support through individually determined food supplements. These, just like a bioresonance therapy, support the discharge of toxins from the body. A lymphatic drainage helps to activate the body's cleansing system and ensures a faster discharge of toxins.